Laser Range Finder with Speed Reader.

  • $122.99

Club selection is vital in your golf round. It starts off with finding out the exact yardage. That's where your investment in this rangefinder pays off. Measure distances from 1 yard to 656.168 Yards. Hopefully, you pick up at that point. This rangefinder is also able to measure speeds of up to 186.411 mph. For your convenience, it is battery powered by AAA batteries. No need for expensive and hard to find batteries. It also has a 6X magnification power. It fits well inside your pocket and fits in your hand like a glove. 

Measuring range: 1 - 656 yd
Speed range: 0 - 186.4 mph
Unit of measure: Yards (YD), Meters (M)
Magnification: 6X 
Eyepiece aperture: 16mm
Objective lens aperture: 24mm
Exit pupil diameter: 3.8mm
Focusing mode: eyepiece focus
Battery Type: AAA


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